Program activities of the Center are carried out in accordance with the defined major directions that are derived from the Center’s Charter objectives and Mission (See also Activities). The Center collects and analyzes data, drafts and carries out researches, implements monitoring and assessments of public programs and services, drafts policy proposals on the basis of its results and findings.

During more than 16-years’ operation, the Center carried out a number of projects as a result of which it formed and developed it institutional and resource capacities. The main areas of specialization of the EDRC are:

•  Economic and Trade Analyses,
•  Public program and policy monitoring and analyses,
•  Poverty and Social Impact Analyses,
•  Budget Analyses,
•  Macro and microeconomic Modeling,
•  Data Processing and Data Quality Reviews,
•  Statistical Sample Surveys and Qualitative Studies,
•  Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer Measures. 


EDRC currently implements several studies:

1. EU Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility, ”Increasing Civil Society Participation in National Policy Dialogue",

2. "Finance for Economic Development", USAID Program, Assessment of the Financial Access for SMEs,

3. "Independent Monitoring Agency”, North-South Road Corridor Investment Program,

4. "Armenia Economic Report" (AER).

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The Center drafts and implements its projects in a large cooperation environment. A number of international organizations and government agencies trusted implementation of their projects to EDRC.

During the last years the Center has carried out more than 70 projects with a number of partners. Cooperation with some donors and partners became continuous by extending or repeating projects over years.