Data & Statistics

The present section was developed for the purpose of providing access to socio-economic data and statistics for the large groups of society, in particular the research community.

The website contains compatible statistical time-series and tables broken down per sectors of the economy. There is also certain international comparison presented, together with data on other South Caucasus countries.

Sources for that data are either well-known statistical agencies or national official services. In certain cases, EDRC has carried out some data processing and calculation in order to ensure compatibility and consistency of data.

It is expected that the website will support implementation of various independent studies and researches with the overall objective of creating an unbiased public opinion and increasing efficiency of policy decision-making.

Data are mostly presented on annual basis, in some cases – on quarterly and monthly basis. Follow the links below to view statistical tables online or in MS Excel or E-Views formats.

A. Current economic trends

B. Demographics

C. MDGs & Poverty Data

D. Macroeconomic Data

D.1. National Accounts

D.2. Government Finance

D.3. Balance of Payments and Foreign Trade

D.4. Prices and Rates

D.5. Monetary indicators

E. International comparisons