People and Management

The heart of the Center is its dedicated team. The Center has mobilized intellectual resources to generate ideas through self-discovery and debates. People who work for EDRC are from diverse background, but they all have one thing in common- they all see their professional growth through working toward Armenia’s development.

The Center has a multi-layer governance structure that includes the General Meeting, Chairman, consultative bodies, executive office and the research team. We also draw on a large pool of consultants’ network, and, of course, on our  friends. The General Meeting (Management Council) is the governing body of the Center. Executive management is carried out by the Executive Office – by the Director and his/her Staff. Project and research management is carried out by the Project Team headed by the Project Manager and/or Research Director.

General Meeting/Board


Mushegh Tumasyan is the Founding Chairman of the Center. During 2001-2008, he also was the Research Director of the Center. Prior to that, he has worked at the Central Bank, Ministry of Finance and Economy of Armenia, as well as USAID programs. In parallel, he has also implemented consulting services for a number of international organizations, projects and the Government of Armenia.

During 2008-2011, Mr. Tumasyan was employed by the Government of Armenia as a Deputy Minister of Economy. During that period, he was in charge of coordinating long-term economic policy, external trade policy and relations with international organizations.

In addition, he has developed and coordinated preparation and implementation of such large scale national programs as North South Investment Project, Nuclear Medicine Development Project, Modernization of the Yerevan Physics Institute and Establishment of a National Laboratory, Gyumri Techno-park Reconstruction and Gyumri Development Fund Project, Quality Infrastructure Reform Project etc. At the same time, Mr. Tumasyan proposed and developed the principles of the new industrial strategy. He also lead the preparation of EU-Armenia Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement as the principal negotiator on behalf of Armenia.

Currently, Mr. Tumasyan provides consulting services to public and private entities. He was re-elected as the Chairman of the EDRC Board.


Gohar Minasyan is one of the supporters of EDRC establishment. She obtained her graduate degree at the Yerevan State University, then, continued her education in the USA and obtained MSc in Economics. During 2006-2011, she did doctoral studies at Boston University.

Currently, she works at the International Monetary Fund Washington office.



Aghasi Mkrtchyan holds PhD degree in Economics. He obtained his first degree at the Yerevan Institute of National Economy. During 2008-2010, Mr. Mkrtchyan obtained MSc degree at Harvard University.

Prior to that, he worked at the World Bank, UN, USAID Programs, Ministry of Finance and Economy and Central Bank of Armenia. Currently, he works at the World Bank Headquarters. Since 2001, he has been closely liaised with EDRC as someone fully dedicated to the implementation of ideas on the Center’s mission and development.


Yelena Manukyan received her PhD degree from the Armenian State University of Economics.

Since 1997, she lectures at the Economic-Mathematical Methods Chair of the same University. Since 2002, she was involved in a number of projects of the Center and has been an EDRC Board Member since 2011.


Armen Grigorian graduated with honors in International Business and Management Studies, and received his Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Twente. He also has followed courses at the Wolfson College, University of Oxford. 

Armen joined EDRC in 2009, where he among others studied the business incubation environment in Armenia and opportunities of Armenia for structural (economic) transformation. He also has carried out different consulting services for various international organizations and the Armenian Government.

Next to socio-economic research, Armen specializes in organizational strategy and non-profit management. He has been directly involved in design and fundraising for various development and research projects. He joined EDRC’s board in 2013 and supports the center as Development Adviser.


Karine Harutyunyan holds PhD degree in Economics and lectures at the Mathematical-Economic Methods Chair of the Yerevan State Economic University. She obtained her PhD degree in 2006 with a thesis in modeling the correlation of Human Development and Economic growth.

In 1998-2004, she worked at the Macroeconomics Department of the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Armenia. Since 2007, she is providing consulting services to the Training Center of the Ministry of Finance.

Ms. Harutyunyan has been involved in the Center’s activities starting the day of EDRC’s establishment by carrying out both expert and project management tasks. Since 2004, she is a Board Member of the Center, moreover, she has been the Executive Director of the Center since 2012.


Varazdat Karapetyan obtained his graduate degree at the Yerevan State University. Thereafter, he continued his post-graduate education at Moscow State University and obtained PhD in Economics.

He has constantly been one of the main encouragers of the Center’s activities. Mr. Karapetyan has extensive experience in working in regions of Armenia, as well as working with small and medium businesses. He is the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gegharkuniq region.

He worked as an Advisor to the Prime-Minister of Armenia in 2011. In 2012-2014 he was the Executive Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development National Center. Currently, he is president of the "Regional Development Foundation".


Bela Gevorgyan graduated the Economic Department of the Yerevan State University. In 2001, she obtained MBA degree at Maastricht School of Management on Economic Policy and Corporate Strategy specialization.

She has worked at the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance of Armenia prior to 2000. Since 2001, she worked as part of the team in projects on various aspects of public policy financed by the World Bank, USAID, DFID, GIZ etc. Ms. Gevorgyan was closely liaised with EDRC since 2003, furthermore she participated as an expert in some of the Center’s projects. She has been a Board Member since 2013.


Artur Nakhshikyan graduated the Yerevan Institute of National Economy. He joined the Central Bank of Armenia back in 1996. During these years he has advanced in his career from a young specialist at the Monetary policy department to the Head of Financial department – one of the most critical positions at the Bank, where his responsibilities range from international reserves management to implementation of monetary policy.

Mr. Nakhshikyan has been involved in the EDRC’s activities since 2001. In 2001-2006 he served as a Board Member of EDRC. Starting 2015, he again jointed the Board.