Misson & Values

The Economic Development and Research Center (EDRC) is a Yerevan (Armenia) based nonpartisan, independent policy research organization – think tank. It was founded in 2001 by a group of enthusiasts believing in the role of independent research in social advancement.

Our mission is to provide independent policy analysis and innovative, practical policy recommendations for advancing Armenia’s development agenda.

We gather and analyse data, conduct research, monitor and evaluate public policy programs and services, based on our findings we make recommendations and implement awareness rising and policy advocacy campaigns. Our focus is on a broad spectrum of public policies, ranging from long term development strategies to sectorial policy programs. 

Throughout the years, we have built a strong track record of successfully implemented research and capacity building projects (more than 70) that involved close collaboration with various national and international institutions. The list of the main partners and donors includes: the ADB, DFID, EC/EU, GIZ, MCA, UN institutions, USAID, World Bank Group, etc.

 In addition, EDRC has traditionally cooperated with government agencies and the various representatives academic and research society. EDRC actively participates in civil society efforts aimed at advocating good governance and knowledge based policy development. EDRC also supports students, young scholars and civil society institutions by providing resources and tools for public policy evaluation, participation and advocacy.

The founders and staff of EDRC have extensive experience in conducting social and economic research and analysis in Armenia, and have worked with the Government and international organizations, contributing to Armenia’s economic reforms. 

We have a fundamental belief that Armenia’s journey to modernity and prosperity is to be guided by the principles of independent statehood, democracy and regional cooperation, private entrepreneurship and social cohesion, national ideas and global human values. These form the ideological underpinnings of our mission.